Moscow Tattoo Week 2k19

Hey, any oldies still about? Those, who value pixels more than HD or 4K.
Those, who crave a night ride in a vintage super car around the city, dream of driving into the neon sunset to the tunes of Retro Wave and Synth-Pop… 

Are you feeling it? Then let’s start our journey to the very fundamentals of the digital era and dive deep into the retrospective cyber-weekend: 

September 13 & 14
We invite you to visit the retro futuristic world of Moscow Tattoo Week 2k19!  


This is the 5th season of the Tattoo Week festival in Moscow, which is why we’ve decided to keep performing our experiments with the festival themes that no other tattoo convention in Russia practices.

This year we will do anything for you to feel the vibe of Retro Wave – the force which jogs your memory of something that has been lost in our millennium... The human has started drowning in the mad whirlpool of tech development.

Moscow Tattoo Week 2k19 / RetroWave – an attempt to take a fresh view on this tech leap and go back to the digital origins.

Apart from all the various joys of the digital era, you will be greeted with something never-fading – the battle of the best tattoo artist from all around the world.

Tattooers will compete claiming the right to be called best in the craft and receive priceless experience from their PRO-colleagues. While the guests could get tattoo masterpieces. Another moment to be proud of – the auction of the tattoo artists’ paintings that only exist in one copy! And, of course, a really impressive wide range of lectures and workshops from the maitres of the tattoo industry.

PRO tattoo artists, members of the international teams such as World Famous Tattoo Ink, Kwadron, Equaliser by Kwadron, Radiant Colors, Excalibur, Tattoo Pharma and other brands and the sponsors of the tattoo convention are ready to defend their honor!


This year, Moscow Tattoo Week will cover 2 days – Friday & Saturday. But trust us, the festival will only be more memorable: more tattoo artists, guests, games and, of course, emotions – you will see all of that and even more at an enormous 7.000 m² hall to the nostalgic tunes of Retro Wave performed by the best DJs of the modernity.

So well, our dear friends, let’s go back to the future, shall we?! Or to the past…
All and all, see you at Moscow Tattoo Week 2k19! 

Address: Moscow, Sharikopodshipnikovskaya str., 13/33
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