Sergey Kochevnik

Country: Russia
Styles: Japanese

TW: Describe yourself in three words
– Kind, but evil fucking meticulous perfectionist.  

TW: A Kochevnik is a pseudonym or a surname? And do you coincide it? (Kochevnik means nomad in Russian)
– I’m known in a motorbike community as Kochevnik. I sat on bike before I started tattooing, so I did not reinvent the wheel. I think that I coincide with it, in addition to traveling on two wheels, I was not afraid of cardinal changes in life and wandered from one sphere to another in search of mine.  

TW: Why did you choose the Japanese tattoo style? Or did it choose you?
– From early childhood I was interested in Japan, at age of 10 I even tried to learn Japanese in a phrase book. I try to evaluate everything with my inner gaze, and only when I see the Japanese tattoo he said - "this is it". I also have a tattoo in Japanese style, others did not consider, I never thought I would tattoo, but there was no choice, only Japan. So all the questions to the inner gaze. )))  

TW: What's the weirdest tattoo you've ever done?
– It was a cycle of tattoos. Once a subtle and strange man came to me, he was in the state service and we did to him some tattoos with prison themes. The condemnation, the owner of these works, I call all this together "strange." But all people are different, everyone has their own truth, so my assessment is very subjective.  

TW: What type of tattoo do you like, except #oriental?
– Works in any styles, made by a master who has a taste, technique and understanding, cause respect. There is a professional, "right" envy of the result and skill. This gives energy to work and a desire to develop. But in my case only Japan.  

TW: If you find yourself in some crazy circus show (and you definitely will soon), what kind of character would you be?
– I would choose the role of presenter. 

Artist's works