Nastya Alistratova

Team: Don't stop ink
Country: Russia
Styles: Graphic, DotWork

TW: Describe yourself in 3 words.
– Strange ethnic goth  

TW: You are participating for the first time in TW, tell us about yourself.
– Yes, I'm participaiting at first time. I'm engaged in tattooing for 6 years already, but on serious approach just for 2 years, find myself in the black graph, now I'm hardworking on developing route of Chicano & "realistic graphics", in which is very helpful our collaborations with my colleague and chief.  

TW: What is the strangiest tattoo you have done?
– Actually often come across with strange works, but I'll tell about most extraordinary: done for the client a "3D" tattoo in the form of a black hole on her chest with a patch in color glued on it, this is a symbolic work, in memory of her father.  

TW: Is there any weekends in "Don't stop Ink" studio?
– No, of course) We never rest, cause studio, for us, is not just a place, it's an idea, that's why wherever we were we always work: shooting, drawing, communicating with customers & etc.  

TW: What possible career did you leave for the sake of tattooing?
– Designer of ornaments and engraver in a ritual agency  

TW: If you find yourself in some crazy circus show (and you definitely will soon), what kind of character would you be?
– Medium or just devil from a snuffbox

Artist's works