Elena Baski

Team: Nocturnal Pro Team
Country: Russia
Styles: Oriental, Ornamental, Traditional

Elena Basky - participant «Moscow Tattoo Week 2016» (studio "Tattoo 3000").

«Art tattoo doing 16 years. I participate in various international tattoo conventions. In tattoo prefer ornamental and traditional styles. Mainly because I think that the tattoo should look good and in 10-20 years before they was made, not just immediately after its application. And for this figure should be built on the contours, as well as in proportion to the anatomic and is located on the body. I love working with color, but mostly minimalistic. In recent years, more and more study symbolism and sacred geometry, because no matter how cool tattoo changes life and when it comes to character, then you need to combine them intelligently.»

Artist's works