Dima Rylov

Country: Russia
Styles: Traditional

TW: Describe yourself in 3 words
– The very same Dima 

TW: It will be your 1st time as a participant of Moscow Tattoo Week. Tell us more about yourself, please
– Smooth lines, tight colors and peaceful conversations while working, what else? 

TW: Which tattoo on your own body you can call “a must have”?
– I have a noose around one's knee, and there's free space inside the noose, if suddenly change your mind, do not burn the bridges. 

TW: Who are you in parallel universe?
– I would become a feather pillow of a girl who uses a delicious shampoo) 

TW: The weirdest tattoo that you did was...
– Two points at a distance of a centimeter on the girl's leg so that she can observe how they become fuller 

TW: If you find yourself in some crazy circus show (and you definitely will soon), what kind of character would you be?
– I would be a 16-year-old red grinning boy who knows how to send anyone to the past, and specifically in 2007. 

Artist's works