Caroline Friedmann

Country: Russia
Styles: Realism

TW: Can you describe yourself in 3 words?
– Dark matter of tattooing or Crazy realism shaman…Something like that  

TW: What career did you quit in your past to become a tattoo artist?
– Medical physics. That’s what I studied  

TW: Who did you want to become in the future, when you were a child?
– I wanted to be an architect or a psychiatrist  

TW: What’s your inspiration?
– Life in general and Alissa Monks  

TW: Tell us about your favorite tattoo. What’s your best piece of work?
– It was a portrait with a kettle. It was a very creative and interesting idea! (see attached photo)  

TW: What would you never do?
– I guess I would never go swimming in quicksilver. It would be too much even for a person like me.  

TW: If you find yourself in some crazy circus show (and you definitely will soon), what kind of character would you be?
– A spherical lama in vacuum. Google it and imagine a lama instead of a horse. Everybody likes lamas, I’m not the exception. 

Artist's works