Team: Juggernaut
Country: Russia
Styles: Neo Traditional, Realism

TW: Describe yourself in three words
– Cheerful, communicative and open (especially for constructive (!) criticism and progress in work)  

TW: Tell us about your nickname “Stone” history
– I used to work for a couple of years in ritual offices, was engaged in sculpturing on marble and granite. So, in the name of the stone dust and heritage, which it left me (a light smoker with no experience of smoking), decided to take such a nickname.  

TW: You prefer realism & neotraditional, but still what's the point of the soul?
– Let's say so, I prefer the mix of them in the form of complex graphics, closer to realism. Sometimes pulls more for outlines, sometimes – “dig” textures and light-shadows.  

TW: What was your first tattoo?
– I’ve done my first tattoo in 2006, at Rostov Tattoo Festival. That was a tribal, stylized as a stone, on a shoulder of my friend. Of the equipment, I had only the machine, everything else was given to me by Denis Tidan (he probably already forgot, but tremendous thanks to him) ... and it rolled)) At the moment we are overlapping this "masterpiece".  

TW: What's the weirdest tattoo you've ever done?
– Once had to correct drunk ladybug on girls pubis,for the otherone have done a smiley on an armpit.  

TW: If you find yourself in some crazy circus show (and you definitely will soon), what kind of character would you be?
– Strange to imagine… probably great-uncle Stan from "Gravity Falls")) I would climb up with a beer and in an alcoholic vest in front of the TV and watch old black&white movies about the life of aristocrats))

Artist's works