Alexander Okorokov

Team: Juggernaut
Country: Russia
Styles: Biomechanics, Organics

TW: Describe yourself in 3 words
– I do love tattoo. 

TW: It will be your 1st time as a participant of Moscow Tattoo Week. Tell us more about yourself, please
– I have been engaged in tattoo since 2007. I adore inscriptions, flowers, butterflies and watercolors all sorts (I'm kidding). 
Seriously, I worked in different styles, but in recent years 5-6 the main direction in my work is biomechanics. 

TW: What is the subtext of biomechanical works?
– The combination of the living and the lifeless, abstract and aesthetics of forms. Many people like to be as Robocop or Terminator in the childhood. I think these and many other fantastic films and comics were imprinted in people's minds. They all share a love of fantasy, which is expressed in a tattoo. 

TW: The weirdest tattoo that you did was...
– The inscription under the girl's breast: "Sometime this inscription was visible." Very optimistic) 

TW: Who did you want to become in the future, when you were a child?
– I wanted to become president, but became a tattoo artist) 

TW: If you find yourself in some crazy circus show (and you definitely will soon), what kind of character would you be?
– I would be myself, I am a character.

Artist's works