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Moscow Tattoo Week 2k19

Tattoo Week Moscow 2018


September 14th – 16th, 2018

Venue: Loft “Nadezhda”, Rochdelskaya str., 15, bld. 24, Moscow, Russia

Grotesque. Odious. Shocking. Perfect.

From the 14th till the 16th of September 2018 you’ll have a great opportunity to be a part of a very special event at Loft “Nadezhda” in Moscow: you will see dark cirque performances at one of the most anticipated events of the year –


Season 4


A spirit of surrealism, mysticism of a street theater, spectacular cirque performance in keeping with the best traditions of Moscow Tattoo Week festival.

More than 200 Russian and foreign tattoo artists will take part in our event. Winners will receive valuable prizes along with the titles of the best.

There will be professional tattoo artists, who belong to international teams such as World Famous Tattoo Ink, Lithuanian Irons, Kwadron, Excalibur, Radiant, Tattoo Pharma, and other famous and well-known brands.

However, not only tattoo artists and their models can experience the remarkable emotional vibe of our event: every visitor can become a part of the celebration. Moscow Tattoo Week 20018 will take you to a special new world of interactive cirque performances, where magic seems something natural and real.

Put all your troubles aside and join us in a mysterious and crazy celebration – come to MOSCOW TATTOO WEEK 2018!

Tattoo Week Vladivostok 2017
Tattoo Week Moscow 2017

3rd Moscow International Tattoo Week 2017 will take place September 15-16-17 on the territory of Danilovskiy Event Hall, in the center of Moscow. We promise that we will do everything to these three days have become a holiday for you. The event is organized by the Russian manufacturers of products for tattoo Tattoo Pharma and company TattooMarket, representing a wide range of products for the tattoo industry.

More than 200 professional Russian and foreign tattoo artists will give you a unique creative atmosphere, you will witness the best of the best of the competition, will see a creative art, fusion, art gallery, also you can buy the works of artists in the charity auction or directly from the show.

Seminars for tattoo artists to separately equipped room, music and dance show with the participation of professional artists, equivalent to US $ 20,000 prize pool!! The main prize of the festival a total face value of $ 2,000!

 International team of professional tattoo artists from the most famous brands and sponsors of Festival - Bishop Rotary , Eikon Device, Eternal Ink, Intenze Tattoo Ink, Kwadron, Nocturnal Tattoo Ink, Tattoomarket, Tattoopharma, World Famous Tattoo Ink. The most talented artists can get into a foreign ProTeam!

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Tattoo Week Krasnodar 2017

This spring. April 21 to 23. Krasnodar. There will be a tattoo festival "Krasnodar tattoo week 2017".

This is the second festival that will be held in the Kuban and will unite all the cultures: tattooists, artists, musicians, models and just lovers of tattoos! All will gather in the heart of the southern capital. Krasnodar tattoo week will take place in the historical center of the city, the Regional Exhibition Hall of Fine Arts "ARTZAL"

The organizer of the festival is the Krasnodar studio "HYDRA Tattoo Workroom", which gave you an unforgettable "Krasnodar tattoo festival" 2016.

Professionals from all over Russia, Europe, from overseas as well as members of international teams Eikon, Intenze, World famous, Bishop, Nocturnal and other well-known brands are waiting for you! The biggest tattoo equipment store Tattoomarket will be the partner of Krasnodar tattoo week. The sponsor of the festival is TattooPharma - domestic manufacturer of tattoo care products. Eikon - the largest manufacturer of tattoo equipment - will be the second sponsor of the festival.

All artists are going to take part in the amazing contest program, where they can compete in numerous nominations, share experiences and just have a great time.

In addition to the tattoo artists in the jury will be a member of the Union of Artists and a journalist. The assessment system will not be simple, but in our opinion the most fair.

Also you will find an incredible exhibition of paintings by artists and tattooists,

Entertaining and competitive program, tattooed citrus, performances by musicians, acrobatic show, dance show, Pin Up Girls - this is only a small part of what awaits our viewers. For lovers of female beauty and art, we have prepared

Body art competition.

Our artist will hold master classes and answer all the questions that have interested you for a very long time.

And in the end, the jury will choose the best of the best in the struggle for the GRAND PRIX festival. This year we decided to hold a competition not only for the Queen of the Festival, but also to choose the King of Krasnodar tattoo week.

We are waiting for you all with impatience.

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Tattoo Week Moscow 2016

Moscow international Tattoo Week 2016 will be held July 29-30-31 trade and exhibition complex "Tishinka", in the center of Moscow. Under the patronage of the Russian manufacturer of products for tattoo Tattoo Pharma and general sponsor TattooMarket.

About 200 professional Russian and foreign tattoo artists will give you a unique creative atmosphere, you will witness the competition the best of the best, will see a creative art fusion and will be able to buy the works of artists in the charity auction.

Seminars for tattoo artists will be in separately equipped room, music and dance show with the participation of professional artists, the main prize a total face value of $ 2,000!

International team of professional tattoo  artists from the most famous brands, and sponsors of the festival Intense, Eternal, Nocturnal Tattoo Ink, Bishop Rotary, Eikon Device, Kwadron, Tattoopharma.

Do not miss the chance to become the best of the best and get the offer - to become an artist of one of the foreign PRO TEaM!

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Tattoo Week Saint-Petersburg 2016

Saint-Petersburg Tattoo Week-2016 - will be held may 7-8, 2016. The best tattoo artists from Russia and Europe will arrive in St. Petersburg in may 2016.

General partners and sponsors of the Congress are Kwadron global brands, World Famous Ink and Cheyenne.

Prizes from the organizers promise to be generous and helpful, and the Grand Prix of the Congress will be winner and will be remembered for a long time!

Tattoo Week Moscow 2015

24th of July Moscow International Tattoo Week opens its doors. The organizer of the exhibition is "TattooPharma" company - the first Russian company, which is professionally engaged in production of parapharmaceutical products for tattoo industry.

Exhibition will be held from 24th to 26th of July 2015 in Moscow exhibition complex "T-Module" on Tishinka square, near the underground station Belorusskaya, which is situated on the site of the legendary jumble market, demolished in the 90s of the last century. Show-exhibition complex represents a unique space, which is notable for its conceptual importance and design innovation.

We believe that the main objective of the exhibition is popularization of high-quality tattoo industry and developing a correct notion of tattooing as a safe art, but not an antisocial dangerous current. As a result, not only people from tattooing sphere will be involved in the exhibition, but also those, whore are interested in tattoo, who have some doubts and who have already decided to get a tattoo, but haven`t found their master yet.

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