Tattoo Week - tattoo conventions in Russia

Tattoo Week Russia - is the annual tattoo convention held in main cities in Russia, related to the general principles of the professional level of organization and maximum comfort for the artists and guests. Our mission is to unite the tattoo artists from different countries and Russian cities and to create a creative atmosphere within professional communication and competitive programs.

Festivals tattoo within TattooWeek supported by leading manufacturers of professional tattoo equipment and tattoo artists in Russia and abroad.

We sincerely believe that this communication and exchange of experience are able to create a unique stage for creative growth. We do our best for tattoo conventions in Russia have become regular events with interesting tattoo artists, a generous prize pool, master classes, an exciting program for visitors, the chance to have a unique tattoo from the best artists of the world and low price for entrance for everyone interested about tattoo.

Today we represent the largest manufacturers of tattoo equipment, that help to realize the most courageous decisions: TattooPharma, Excalibur, Intense, Eternal, Nocturnal Tattoo Ink, World FamousTattoo Ink, Bishop Rotary, Cheyenne, Eikon Device and Kwadron.

Past conventions

3rd Moscow International Tattoo Week 2017 will take place September 15-16-17 on the territory of Danilovskiy Event Hall, in the center of Moscow. We promise that we will do everything to these three days have become a holiday for you. The event is organized by the Russian manufacturers of products for tattoo Tattoo Pharma and company TattooMarket, representing a wide range of products for the tattoo industry.More than 200 professional Russian and foreign tattoo artists will give you a unique creative atmosphere, you will witness the best of the best of the competition, will see a creative art, fusion, art gallery, also you can buy the works of artists in the charity auction or directly from the show.Seminars for tattoo artists to separately equipped room, music and dance show with the participation of professional artists, equivalent to US $ 20,000 prize pool!! The main prize of the festival a total face value of $ 2,000! International team of professional tattoo artists from the most famous brands and sponsors of Festival - Bishop Rotary , Eikon Device, Eternal Ink, Intenze Tattoo Ink, Kwadron, Nocturnal Tattoo Ink, Tattoomarket, Tattoopharma, World Famous Tattoo Ink. The most talented artists can get into a foreign ProTeam!Follow our news section! 2017 with TattooWeek will be unforgettable!

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